Is Apple Advanced Data Protection (ADP) applicable?

when using iCloud sync, Obsidian’s vaults are stored in iCloud but not in iCloud drive.
Can anybody confirm (or not) whether the vaults are also end-to-end encrypted?

Reference: Advanced Data Protection for iCloud – Apple Support (UK)

For iCloud sync, Obsidian’s vaults are stored in iCloud Drive/Obsidian.

That is the impression the Finder gives you, but if you look at the Folder Structure

  • iCloud is ~/Library/Mobile Documents/
  • Obisidian files reside in ~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian
  • iCloud Drive is ~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/

which is why I’m asking (but I might be confused).

Can’t speak to the data protection features, but all of iCloud (including your document storage) is in ~/Library/Mobile Documents/.

I would think the Obsidian folder would be included under the iCloud Drive section in the Data category list here:

As far as I know, everything except the few exceptions Apple mentions (I think email and calendar, maybe contacts) is covered, so I believe your Obsidian data should be too once you enable ADP.

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