Is Advanced Canvas plugin compatible with Semantic Canvas plugin?

What I’m trying to do

There are features of both Advanced Canvas and Semantic Canvas that I would like to use.

But before I start migrating stuff to a canvas-based approach, I wanted to find out if the 2 plugins are compatible.

Has anyone tried to use these together? Did you notice any incompatibilities?

Things I have tried

I’ve looked at the git sites for both plugins, the obsidian doc, and any other google site I could find that related to the plugins. But I’ve found nothing about their compatibility.

This sounds like a perfect thing for you to test out in a sandbox vault. Either the removable one from the help menu, or a more permanent one to be used by yourself to test various plugins, queries and/or concepts.

Having a sandbox vault to play around with I considerb to be very useful since it allows to this kind of “experimental” stuff without causing any effects to your personal vault(s).

@holroy - Yes, that was going to be my next step. But I thought if someone else had already tested this, it would save me a bit of time. :wink:

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