iPhone App v1.4.0 (80) - Where are the Unique Note / Daily Note / Other buttons?

Things I have tried

I have googled, this, read the release notes, and searched the forums but I can’t find an answer.

What happened to…

the side bar with the short cut actions like, “make a new unique note” or jump to the Daily Note? Are they just gone?

What I’m trying to do

I just posted much the same question within a minute of you :laughing:

(Edited - well, a few minutes anyway, now that I look at the index page)

So glad I’m not alone… :rofl:

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Found it. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen. Whatever you had there (in my case, the calendar) will fly out.

On the fly-out, there’s a button that looks like this -

Click it to see the menu with other choices (outgoing links, backlinks, whatever).

Okay, I was able to find the right panel part. However, what I was looking for I just got a tip from the Discord group. There is a small button in the lower right hand corner - press AND HOLD that and you will get a menu showing you the buttons that normally appear on the left hand edge of the desktop app.

I thought the button was a “touch” but I had to hold it a LOT longer than I expected for it to work on my iPhone.

Hope that helps.


Oh - sorry, I completely misunderstood, I thought you were looking for the right-hand sidebar like I was.

I see what you mean, thank you. Press and hold brings up a menu to open quick switcher, graph view, daily note, or command palette, or insert template or manage workspaces. Whichever you select will be what comes up when you just tap the button then.

Yes exactly. I was “tapping” it (or thought I was) to no avail.