Iphone app not launching

iphone 16.3.1 Obsidian won’t launch - it goes blank after trying to load vault and cache for second time.

The last topic on this - started in November last year - has been closed stating that it would be fixed in 1.4.3.

According to the app store the current version is 1.4.3 and as I am not being offered an update I believe that is the version on my phone. In which case the problem has not been fixed in this version and I don’t know why the previous post was closed.

I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling twice (each time taking hours to sync via Obsidian sync - no other cloud service involved).

I have Obsidian on two ipads running ios 16.3.1 and they work fine.

If I can’t get Obsidian working on my phone it makes my use of Obsidian on any device unviable. Very much hoping this can be resolved soon as I have not been able to get it running on my phone for weeks and going by the original post this has been a known issue since Nov 2022.

That issue was fixed. It was tied to older versions of iOS

If you sync it means that the app starts?!?

The app will start if I delete it and reinstall. However this means that it then has to complete the sync process which on the phone takes many hours - hours during which I can’t use my phone.

Once it has completed the process it works for a few launches, and then the following happens :

When I open the App the following happens : Obsidian logo flashes then Loading Vault… then Loading cache… then a blank screen with some icons at the bottom … then Loading Vault… then Loading cache… then blank screen and can’t go any further.

I have deleted and reinstalled Obsidian on the iphone. After it has finished syncing - showing about 30,000 documents, it then won’t load again.

This time a new message appears when it tries to load :

“An error occurred while loading Obsidian. InvalidStateError:Failed to execute ‘transaction’ on ‘IDBDatabase’:The database is closing.”

It then has two buttons : Reload App or Open Another Vault

If I choose my vault - as I only have one, it makes no sense to choose a different one - the cycle repeats. As it does if I choose Reload App. As it does if I quit the app and relaunch it.

What is your phone make and model. How big is your vault in term of number of notes, attachments, and size in megabytes.

I think you may have a plugin problem or you are just hitting what your phone can handle.

iPhone 13 Pro - ios 16.3.1 - available space 27GB

Vault is 34068 files, 1175 folders - on my mac the total storage that uses is 5.27GB

As stated before, it works fine on two ipads, running the same version of ios. One of them is several years older than the phone -being a 3rd gen ipad pro.

I think you are hitting the limit of the iphone 13 ram. You can try disabling third party plugins and see if it help.

Thanks for the help. I tried with all community plugins disabled and the issuer persisted.

The solution that seems to work for now is to break up my single vault into five separate ones and only using one on the phone. Not ideal but at least somewhat working.

After trying so many things eventually got rid of the issue by try to uninstalling apps from iPhone storage.