iPhone app goes blank during indexing

Things I have tried

I’ve tried restarting and reinstalling the app twice on the iPhone that is crashing to a blank screen and watched the indexing process upon reinstall.

What I’m trying to do

Open and use the app on an iPhone with iOS 16.1

The problem

I’ve used Obsidian across 4 devices with Obsidian Sync (1 PC and 3 Apple devices, including an iPad) for several months—and have used it across 3 devices for quite a bit longer.

After reinstalling the app, I see that the majority of the vault successfully syncs. However, it fails to complete indexing at a certain point, and I can’t interact with the app at all.

The only change on the iPhone has been updating to iOS 16.1, and I’m unfortunately unaware if it worked between that update and when I noticed this failure to load. It still works on an iPad that is updated to 16.1 and the other devices.

Any insights will be eternally appreciated!

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No answer, but moral support as I’ve just now encountered the same situation.

I’ve been syncing between multiple PCs, three phones and an iPad. Now, about to get rid of one of the phones, the iPhone 11, running ios 15, blanks when starting an index. I upgraded to iOS 15.1 (or whatever) and the problem persists.

Hoping someone has a solid suggestion.

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Interesting, good to know my phone isn’t just uniquely misbehaving. I have to imagine it’s a byproduct of one file in particular—but I have no way of knowing which file it is.
I just reinstalled again and had the sync tracker opened with only errors showing while indexing. It was indexing smoothly but automatically went to the main screen on its own and then crashed without me being able to see what the last file was.
For what it’s worth: I’m able to successfully use the app if I load a different vault, so I imagine that it has to do with one particular file or setting in the vault I’d like to load?

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I excluded a folder of notes that were migrated from Evernote (27,000 notes, btw, changed to markdown by evernote2md tool on github) and so at least I have it up and running.

I don’t think it’s a filename in my case because I have it working on a second iphone and an ipad without excluding folders.

I submitted the problem to support so I’m hoping they have a suggestion.

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