iPadOS 15.2 Update - PDFs no longer showing

I have tried it all and so far, no success.

I have updated my iPad Pro to its latest version (15.2) - Obsidian 1.0.5 latest available.

Since then, despite deactivating, restarting and even completely removing plugins - I went as far as to create new/fresh/empty vaults without even so much as touching the settings - I can no longer have PDFs displaying on the iPad.

All of a sudden, Obsidian rendered itself useless to me, since my workflow primarily involves PDFs.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

** I do not wish to go back to Obsidian’s competitors, but sadly I would have to unless I am able visualise these files. :[ **

Best cheers and greetings from New Zealand.

I just upgraded to 15.2 on my ipad a few days ago. I have about 10 pdf’s in the vault and can load all but 1. Even one with 350 pages loads fine.
The one I can’t load was generated by an iphone app.

I validated it on PDF/A validator | PDFen.com
and it said “PDF1.4 format, not PDF/A”