iPad: synced folders and files not visible until I create a new file

Steps to reproduce

  • after not working in Obsidian on any of my devices (thus there is no new data to sync)
  • open iPad app which it was fully closed (not kept open in the background)

Expected result

vault is visible with all content

###Actual result

  • vault appears to be empty
  • sync log: Connecting to server/ fully synced (screenshot added at the bottom)

###Possible steps to resolve

  • create a new note or folder on the iPad => entire vault content is suddenly visible
  • create a new note or folder on the laptop => the same


  • Operating system: iPad iOS 12.5.4 (it’s an old iPad which cannot be updated any further)
  • Obsidian version: 1.0.4, installed yesterday

Additional information

did you disable themes and third party plugins before submitting the report??
It’s also possible that this is due to the old ipad (and relative old webkit). If this is the case there’s nothing we can do about it.

Disabling themes and community plugins doesn’t help.
Thus I will have to live with that. I can still work by creating a new file. I just wanted to the bug been known as I found several complaints about slow sync in this forum, which in fact might be this issue.

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