Ipad Screenshot Copy to System Then Paste into Obsidian Doesn’t Work

Steps to reproduce

Screenshot on IPad → Copy to System. Paste in Obsidian

Expected result

Paste Screenshot

Actual result

Doesn’t Work


iPad Pro 4th Generation IPadOS 16.2

What are the exact steps you take? “Copy to system” is a bit unclear. :thinking:

  • Using the screenshot screen “sharrow” (share arrow) on iOS 16.2/Obsidian 1.4.2 (90) and iPadOS 16.2/Obsidian 1.4.1 (83): after import, I get a ![[screenshot]] link in my note. Not what I want or expect.
  • A few months ago I was getting screenshots with no file extension using the sharrow.

I’ve found the iOS/iPadOS screenshot-sharing window unreliable for non-Apple apps (including Obsidian). Saving to Photos and then sharing from there works in every app I’ve tried so far including Obsidian.

  1. Take a screenshot → tap on the picture-in-picture screenshot image.
  2. Edit (or not) and tap “Done”. You see this menu:
  3. Save to Photos.
  4. Open Obsidian → open the note you want to put the screenshot in → place your cursor in the note where you want to insert the screenshot. <-important
  5. Open Photos → select the image → tap the sharrow → choose Obsidian → “Import to vault”
  6. Choose “Insert link into NOTENAME
  7. Success!

A bit clunky but it works.


Still need to save the screenshot to photos first, but Wealthychef pointed out an easier method here using the “Insert attachment” icon or command →

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