[iOS] [v0.0.2/0.0.3] After using graph and zooming out, the app becomes unusable

I opened graph view. I typed Cmd + - two to three times, the graph became very small. I tried to open another note.

Usually the first time, it did nothing. The second time it blacked out. A restart didn’t help.

Then I updated to 0.0.3. It showed the same behaviour. This time I managed to get the graph to a normal size again, but that didn’t help.

I tried to disable the graph in the core plugins settings, but that didn’t work and always brought me back to the graph.

Restarting the iPad didn’t work either. I deleted the app and tried to install it again. I got a pop-up telling me that it couldn’t install the app because it couldn’t be validated. (I had internet access at that time.) After a couple of minutes I tried again, then reinstalling magically worked.

Now that sync is finished I can open files again normally. Disabling graph view worked as well now.

I don’t know what I triggered, but it stayed cached and didn’t go away after a reboot of the iPad.

I suppose this was caused by an issue that was fixed in 0.0.3 but which I triggered in 0.0.2. So if no-one else can repro this, then I suppose this bug is fixed.

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Issue pretty much as described in post linked above that was previously closed. Opened graph view and could not get it to close. Zoomed out, turned graph off etc. No help. Uninstalled Obsidian and reinstalled - solved problem. Note I was already in 0.0.3 when the problem occured.

Should be fixed in the next version.

Please let me know if it works in the updated version.

There’ve been reports that it still crashes the app in 0.0.11, so better don’t try it.

Should have been fixed in 0.0.11 at least the crashing behavior. If there’s a new crash it’s likely to be for a different reason (with different repro steps).