[iOS] [v0.0.11] vim edit mode

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vim mode; I love it in desktop Obsidian.

I’ve no idea if this is possible on mobile. If not, please feel free to close.

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Unfortunately, it’s not possible

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It might be possible in the future if someone creates vim emulation for CodeMirror 6, but I don’t think that’s something we’ll want to invest time in right now.

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Perfectly understandable. Thanks for the details.

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Does this mean that VIM-mode might be deprecated on desktop in the future? Or is it here to stay?

The current plan is to keep CodeMirror 5 around with vim mode until CodeMirror 6 gets vim mode implemented.


Glad to hear the plan is to keep vim mode on desktop. Not to be too dramatic here, but if Obsidian drops vim mode I’ll have to stop using it.

I switched to Obsidian from a vim-managed zettelkasten because Obsidian is totally amazing - but a big part of that is it’s vim-mode and general keyboard/hotkey support. Without those it can’t compete with similar power-user software.

On topic though: I’d absolutely love vim support on mobile. I’m typing this message from a Bluetooth keyboard on an iPad after looking around in the Obsidian iOS settings for a vim toggle :slight_smile: