iOS stuck on loading workspace; multiple resolution paths fail

Steps to reproduce

Open Obsidian, app gets stuck on “loading workspace”

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? Y

Cannot open app at all to use restricted mode

Expected result

App opens vault as normal

Actual result

On iOS, upon app launch, “loading workspace” screen persists indefinitely.


Obsidian will not launch at all so cannot post debug. Using iCloud sync vault on iOS 17.2.1

Additional information

Attempts to resolve:
Force close app, reopen → same result
Delete app, redownload, reopen, connect to sync vault → same result. On one of these attempts, the app showed an indexing message, got stuck, when I force quit and reopened, it was stuck on “loading workspace” again.

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Do you have a device running macOS?

If so, with Obsidian quit on the phone, you could use the Finder in macOS to go to iCloud Drive/Obsidian/{VAULTNAME}/.obsidian/ (you may need to set the Finder to show hidden files and folders to see .obsidian).

In there, rename or move the .workspace-mobile.json file. Wait a bit for iCloud to sync to the phone. Try to open Obsidian.

If you were using the core Workspaces plugin on the phone, you may also have to move or rename the workspaces.json (with a s) as well.

If you are comfortable doing the above, I’d give that a try.

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I don’t currently but will later this week and will attempt

You need to configure both apps to view Obsidian’s iCloud Drive folder, but you can get to the .obsidian/ folder on iOS/iPadOS using Taio or Textastic (the two I know of and have used before).

So this resolved itself on my ~7th attempt of deleting and installing the iOS app and opening the sync vault. No changes to any files and without access to my MBP. Not clear on what the resolution was, wondering if an updated build was pushed to the app store in the last day or so?

do you have access to insider builds?

AFAIK, no. Would this be via testflight or something?

Yes it is on testflight.

@WhiteNoise I have access to TestFlight build and have same issue. It’s repeats on last version in TF and version in AppStore. I think you may have some report in TF from my account.

Cleaning workspace-mobile.json helping for couple hours then bug repeats and you need to do the same steps to delete file.

Since the most recent update of the iOS app (v1.5.8), I’m having the same problem. Tried more than seven times now, testarted the phone, but it just wont loas beyond “Loading workspace” Sometimes it wont even go beyond “Loading vault”. I am suspecting a memory issue. This is on an iPhone 13 mini.

Edit: well, fwiw, this solved itself also for me. i just kept trying and boom, eventually it worked. How many tries? Not sure, maybe 10-15 times? But it may also have to do with how long you wait before you kill the app, because last time I tried, I put the phone down for a while and when I picked it up again, Obsidian had loaded. How long was the waiting time? Definitely more than a minute or two because that’s how long I waited the previous tries.

Unfortunately, it turns out that this only worked once. Next time I opened Obsidian, the problem was back.

The Obsidian app on my phone has become unusable and I’m wondering whether there is a way of downgrading to the previous version. It doesn’t seem to be possible, or is it?

I just found this topic. I am experiencing the same problem. Deleting the files doesn’t always solve it. Sometimes it shows up when I select to skip syncing configurations files on startup. Now it’s on the verge of being unusable:(

Sometimes I get past the loading workspace screen only to stuck on the “No file is open” view, with the app completely unresponsive. Occasionally I can open a note and it freezes immediately.

I would love to help you get this sorted out. Can I join the beta, send debugs logs, or crash reports somehow?