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So for anyone who uses “Session” the pomodoro app (available on Setapp) i made a shortcut that pulls in from my todo list “omnifocus” - pick a task - the time (24hr) and intention are set as inline variables at the bottom of your daily note (looking for note with current date in format “YYYY-mm-DD”).

of course using Session’s API - if turned on in the app a shortcut named “session_end” will automatically run when you end the session pomodoro. It will ask for what you actually worked on and time and append to daily note again.

—- So this makes it easy to set-up a nice Dataview Table to see -

NOW where I could use some help and have been banging my head - is how to simply subtract the the end time from the start time in dataview so it could show the actual time - i often work longer than the 25 minutes (cause if i’m focused i need to keep that train going lol). I’ve gone over the docs a million times and new to programming and come from data science to im learning js as quickly as i can, but as some might know what i mean - Js feels like a nuclear reactor that was built with duct tape and bubblegum, and you gotta be a Yoda type to know all the ins and outs.

This a shortcut that I found in the Gallery and modified. This shortcut will ask you a series of questions about your day and then ask you what you need to do tomorrow. It will then take what you wrote and append to your Daily Note in Obsidian. The items you entered that you need to do tomorrow will be added to your Inbox in Reminders. You can add multiple todo items and it will create a new task for each entry with the due date set for tomorrow and a medium pirorty.

Link to Shortcut

Do you have these voice memos append to your Daily Note or are saved in a separate folder?

Can’t the trascribed text be appended directly into the note here on IOS itself?

Some great inspiration in this thread! I’ve been looking forward to streamlining my workflow with automation since day 1 of using Obsidian, but had to figure out what that workflow is first. Now I’ve finally manage to piece together some ideas, and have produced two iOS Shortcuts that are all I need to take Obsidian to the next level:

  1. Clip To Obsidian: a classic webclipper - create a new file based on a webpage.
  2. Take A Memo: dictate a one-liner, which is prepended to an existing file.

I ended up using Obsidian’s URI protocol to create the file in #1. But because I’ve moved to iCloud, I could use the built-in iOS Shortcuts prepend action for #2. So no third-party requirements.

While I chopped ideas from a few places to produce the result, they are derived directly from what has being shared in this thread. The main starting point for each is listed in a comment within the shortcut itself.

I found it a bit hard to get going with iOS Shortcuts, given their smooth veneer within iOS. So I made this video to give other’s a taste before they jump in. There’s a lot of context to wade through, so feel free to use the navigation links in the description to jump to the relevant parts.


These are absolutely fantastic. They do exactly what I wanted iOS shortcuts to do. Thank you for sparing me the ongoing frustration of trying and failing to code these myself. The web clipper is the best of its kind I’ve seen.

Seriously, these are game-changing for my use of Obsidian. If and until we get an official Sharesheet extension, these are the go-to shortcuts. I simply could get any of the others to work. You have my thanks!

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I’m using a numbered folder system to separate different areas(10. Research/ 11. Project X) and I use the “folder note” plugin to create index notes for each folder where I store tasks for that area/project. I would like to come up with an IOs shortcut that does not simply create a task but also let me select which of the folders this should be allocated to. Does anybody if this is possible?

This is brilliant, Ryan - thank you!

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Did you ever figure this out?

An accented character e.g., ê will need to be URL-encoded for it to work in a URL scheme. So your URL should actually be something like:

where %C3%AA will become ê once the URL scheme is launched.

In Shortcuts, you can use the action “URL Encode” to encode any piece of text like this. Pass the result of that action to the shortcut instead of your human-readable text and it should work no problem.

I was under the impression that shortcuts is sandboxes and can only access files inside the iCloud Drive/Shortcuts folder? Did you move your Obsidian vault into that folder to get around it?

I combined your “take a memo” with @ryanjamurphy’s “append from airmail” using the advanced URI plugin to append the dictated memo to the daily note.

preview on showcuts

The downside is that it requires unlocking the iPhone for the memo to be appended.

Not anymore. If you have a File action, you need to specify the container. It will say “Save [file] to Shortcuts,” but you can select Shortcuts and replace it with a folder of your choosing (in iCloud, I believe).

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With that I can append text from Siri to the Daily Note without having to unlock the phone.


When setting this up to add to daily note do you need to type this {{today}}.md. ?

Yeah, you need to add .md. (I think that’s what you’re asking?)

when i enter the path to today file it responds with unable to open. I even downloaded the Show Current File Path plugin to ensure I was entering it correctly

Use a Show Alert action to examine what your trying to do.

Remember that the shortcut I posted above was just for show. I didn’t test it.

This one does:

Thank you. That works a treat

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Does anyone have a shortcut that will open a specific weekly note? Im assuming I might be able to achieve this with the Advanced URI plugin and an open url action but just not sure how to format it.

A specific weekly note as in the same note every time? Or a specific weekly note as in e.g., a menu to open the current, previous, or next weekly note?

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Like a menu: previous week, this week, next week.