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Thanks for the information!

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I am looking for a way to open a specific document in my Obsidian vault. I feel like this should be an easy task, but for the life of me I cannot get it to work. Essentially what I have is a folder with web-clipped articles that are converted to markdown documents. I want to have a menu pop-up where I can see what documents are in that folder, choose the document I would like to read, and have it open in Obsidian. I have figured out how to show the list of documents to read but when I choose one it just opens Obsidian to the last thing I was working on, not the document I picked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I had the same problem and wasn’t able to really solve it.
As a workaround I’m now opening the document with 1Writer.
Since the document lives in Working Copy the changes get synced to Obsidian.
Not the perfect solution but it works.

I do now anyway all file modifications to files in Working Copy not Obsidian because the URL callbacks were very unreliable and Working Copy often stops syncing the folder.
This way the true state at least lives in git and I have less problems with overwriting changes.

This shortcut will do what you ask, @marshallbeyer / @Nebucatnetzer:

Obsidian’s a bit weird when it comes to “open file in Obsidian”-type actions. So, you have to use Obsidian’s URL scheme. That’s what the shortcut does.


Thanks @ryanjamurphy!

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That works thank you.
Due to the sync issues with Working Copy I’m continuing with my version until I can open a file in Obsidian directly.

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If your vault is sync via iCloud, and you aren’t looking to open the note after it is appended, the ios internal commands are also great. I don’t use any other apps/tools such as the URI command, ios’s internal commands have one that allow you to prepend/append files in the icloud drive. In obsidian’s case, since all notes are just markdown, I can easily select any one file.

I set some formatting that help wraps around what I input in the prompt, so the inbox items are organized in a minimal way.

here is the shortcut in case anyone might find it helpful: shortcut: quick thought/laters into one note

Unlike most people here, I prefer to have everything inbox-ish in one note. Everything else in my vault are “processed”, but inbox isn’t.

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I’ve been using Bear as my Zettelkasten software, and I figured out how to reproduce one of the best Shortcuts from my Bear workflow in Obsidian: dictating new notes. It’s nothing too fancy, but it really makes it much faster and easier to jot down thoughts as I have them.

The shortcut is here. Note that you’ll most likely need to change the vault name in the URL.

I’ve renamed my local copy to “Write This Down.” All I have to do is trigger Siri, say “Write this down,” dictate the title of the note, and dictate the note body. The shortcut then opens the note in Obsidian, where I can add any relevant links or tags.

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Hi there ,

i was directed to this segment of the forum. Exporting Text from iPhone to Obsidian in markdown

I’m trying to export text (e.g., highlights from a webpage, or info from a podcast, highlights from instapaper) from my iPhone 12 to obsidian using Shortcuts app. It seemed to save only in .txt and not markdown.

Does anyone have a Shortcut for this?

Thanks in advance.

Hello !
I write a shortcuts to move file from your… Files to .obsidian (snippet/Themes) :

It works with a-shell, a free app. You need first to configure your vault path with pickFolder (follow the tutorial here).

I also create a paste shortcuts because some times, get a file from github using ipad/iphone is… Not easy.

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I created a shortcut to manage CSS Snippets.

Manage Obsidian CSS snippets 2

I’m sorry, the explanation was written in Japanese, so please read it via Google Translate.

I just made it, so if you find any bugs, feel free to fix, modify, or enhance it.

Used your example to create shortcut “wepclipper” that creates a note directly in the vault via the Obsidian URI.

No third-party apps or Obsidian plugins are required!

The syntax is like obsidian://new?vault=myvault&name=mynote , as noted here: Using obsidian URI . The title of the name is taken from the title of the website.

You will have to modify the shortcut to include your vault name.

Webclipper Direct to Vault

looks great - newbie question , how and what part of the shortcut do you modify the vault name

The name of your vault goes after “vault=” and before the “&”.

In the example provided the vault name is “Enterpot_iPhone”, replace it with your vault and you are good to go.

In my testing it doesn’t work on all sites, especially those with complex structures but you should get the site name at lease.

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Hello, I’m somewhat new with iOS and saw some people doing nice thing with Shortcut and wanted to do the same. Unfortunately I’m not able to achieve what I wanted. I take scribe note with the Moleskine smart Pen and it can export a .txt files of what I wrote on a pages. I want the text in this file to be added to my daily note.

For short, in Moleskine Note app share TXT files to Obsidian and Create a Daily note or add the text to it.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

If you could help me it would be really appreciated I’m stock.

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Is that all of the steps in your shortcut? If so, you’re just missing an “Open URL” action at the end. (Your last step there simply creates a URL—it doesn’t launch it.)

I regularly forget to add Open URL, for what it’s worth!

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Is there an other way to put content in the note then “&content=” because i write in french and accent (like ê) seams to not work all the time and make a broken URL. I use obsidian sync

I’m not using the Moleskine Note app, so I don’t know the details of it. If the TXT file shared by the app is a plain text file (= not rich text), you don’t need to convert it to markdown in shortcuts app. Then the French accent will be displayed as it is.

It’s a standard txt files. It works well now! Thank you very much!

I am trying to create a shortcut that creates a note and then open that specific note. Here is a screenshot of what I have so far. I can create the note but I am having trouble with it opening that specific note. Any suggestions? Is what I am asking even possible?