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Created a meta-shortcut that folks might find handy: Shortcuts

The idea is that you can build a dictionary of parameters for Obsidian Advanced URI in a separate Shortcut, and then forward it into this one. Has saved me some time so I figured I’d post it here too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This shortcut also handles URL encoding so that you don’t have to do it manually all the time.


I try to use this but I always have bookmark invalid with the shortcut to get css snippet.
The creator works, anyway.

You need to create a Folder Bookmark in Toolbox Pro’s Settings first.

So: open Toolbox Pro → Settings → Folder Bookmarks → tap the + in the upper right → tap Choose → select the folder of your Obsidian vault.

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Yeah, I already done that so I don’t understand. Plus, other snippet (like create a snippet) work…

After you’ve created the Folder Bookmark in the Toolbox Pro app, you have to edit the Toolbox Pro actions in the Get CSS Snippet shortcut to select the newly created Folder Bookmark.

Edit the "List contents of " and “Get files in at Text” actions. Change to your new Folder Bookmark.

I created a thread for this one, because it’s a little more involved:


Another small script for 1Writer, it takes Text or a URL as input and adds it with footnote style to my inbox file along with the current date and a small text.
The footnote link gets created from the current date and time. It seemed to me the most robust way.

Looks like this:


Checkout this item [^2021-22-20_212242]

[^2021-22-20_212242]: iOS Shortcuts - Share your ideas! - Share & showcase - Obsidian Forum

Nothing fancy but quite helpful :slight_smile:


Super simple shortcut to quickly capture ideas into an Inbox -

I wanted to capture ideas as soon as I have them, with as little friction as possible. I usually always have my phone, and now using this shortcut I can jump out of the shower with a thought, jot it down, and then it’s captured for when I have time to process it, write more about it, etc.

The shortcut uses/needs currently:

  • Folder in Obsidian as an inbox for ideas - mine is currently called *Inbox
  • Automatic naming - Zettelkasten UID in the shortcut - YYYYMMDDHHmm
  • Toolbox Pro with Folder Bookmark for Inbox folder.

Possible future improvements:

  • use the possible future share sheet extension if available

  • prompt for a clearer title to append to the UID?

  • automatically append a #idea tag?

  • prompt for specific tags? Make it so I don’t forget to attach a relevant tag, other than #idea.
    This would allow me to use Dataview plugin to prompt my in my Daily Notes if I have any Inbox ideas that haven’t been addressed

  • alternatively, type these up as tasks [ ] each, and use Tasks plugin with #idea tag to see if I’ve left anything unprocessed.

Link to shortcut on iCloud

Thoughts, comments, and suggestions welcome!


This is a great shortcut.

I’ve tried to generate a Markdown web clipper by combining this and another Shortcut, but like hell if I can get it to work!

Has anyone successfully delivered a shortcut that does the following?

  1. Converts webpage to Markdown
  2. Adds a Zettelkasten-compliant date
  3. Leverages the ‘favourite folder’ action in ToolBox Pro to create a file in a specified Obsidian folder on iCloud.

I should have added – I’m using the Obsidian iOS beta and would prefer not to use 1Writer.


I’m new to Obsidian and love how with Shortcuts ToolBox Pro, I can create new scans, notes, and web clippings, ask where to store everything, and then have the file open in Obsidian. My most complex shortcut creates a scan in ToolBox Pro, changes the quality to a smaller file size in, saves the image to the Shortcuts temp folder, asks for a title of the doc, creates a new doc with the date and title, saves to temp, asks where I want the note, Toolbox Pro copies the note to the proper folder in Obsidian and files the pic in attachments, the temp files get deleted, and then the note title is turned into an x-callback URL to open the note in Obsidian. The one hiccup I’ve encountered is that it in most of my shortcuts like this, I need to open Obsidian to index the note, then open shortcuts to finish the script, and then launch the x-callback command. I tried a timeout timer instead of returning to shortcuts, but it didn’t work and this way is faster. The back and forth between the apps is all in the shortcut, so I just have to watch.

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I made a super simple Shortcut that takes what is on your clipboard, sets the name of the file to the current date in yyyyMMdd format, and adds it to my Inbox folder. I pair this shortcut with Drafts. I have an action in Drafts that takes the text and adds it to my clipboard and then runs this shortcut. This shortcut does utilize Toolbox Pro so you have to setup the Bookmarked Folder in Toolbox Pro prior to using the shortcut.

Link to Shortcut


@marshallbeyer So simple and so useful. Thank you!

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Thanks! Now I’m trying to figure out how I can append to a note in my Inbox folder that I make on a certain day with this shortcut because I noticed when I run it multiple times throughout the day I get multiple notes with the same document title (ie 20210605, 20210605 1, 20210605 2, etc). Would be nice to have just one or maybe I could change the naming convention.

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Bookmark Safari Page in Obsidian as plaintext

iCloud Link

Will ask for:

  • Vault Name
  • Filepath to bookmarks inbox note

Requires Advanced URI plugin

Feedback welcome.

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So here is another simple shortcut I put together. It takes whatever is on your clipboard, asks you for input (which will become the title of the document and whatever is on your clipboard will become the body of the document), and saves it to a bookmarked folder using Toolbox Pro. Currently, I have mine saved to an Inbox folder.

Link to Shortcut


Could you share your shortcuts? pls

It doesnt append url only write title

@ankushg This looks useful, but I don’t understand it. Can you provide instructions for how to use this meta-shortcut, or an example of a shortcut that uses it?

I can’t share the shortcuts because they contain too much private info and relate to my unique setup, but I’ll explain them.

Shortcut I

  • Scan in ToolBox Pro
  • Save output to clipboard
  • Open next shortcut

Shortcut II

  • Resize clipboard to 1200 pixels
  • Convert resized image to a medium quality JPEG
  • Create a title variable with the current date in ISO format and by asking for a description
  • Set name of converted image to title
  • Choose from menu to save image in appropriate Obsidian folder using ToolBox Pro (I use attachment folders within each project so this saves me from having to refile every image)
  • I then form the markdown note by creating a text snippet that has same name as the image (but md instead of jpeg) and appends text to that file with a link to the jpeg that looks like this: ![[XTitleVariable.jpeg|600]] (the number after the pipe sets the width of the image when rendering on a larger screen) and a date tag made from the current date; the file is created in a temp folder in the Shortcuts folder
  • Toolbox Pro moves the file into my Obsidian InBox
  • The temp file is then deleted
  • I then use URL encode to create a URL friendly version fo the title
  • Next, I append that URL encoded text to obsidian://open?valt=, to create form an X-callback URL
  • I then use scripting to open Obsidian to allow for the new files to be indexed
  • I use scripting to open Shortcuts to finish the shortcut
  • The last thing is to execute the X-callback URL in an open in Safari command, which leads to the note being opened in Obsidian
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Inspired by the shortcuts shared in this post, I created a shortcut that works in the following steps:

  1. Input the note content
    1. The note content can be divided into new lines which can be used in the next step.
  2. Choose if one wants to format the note content as list items
    1. If yes, then each line of the content is treated as a list item.
  3. Enter note title
    1. If one inputs some title, then the final note title/filename would be something like title - 202106181457
    2. Otherwise, the final title would be 202106181457.
  4. Choose if one wants to add tags into the note
    1. Like the note content, tags are separated by new lines.
    2. All spaces in each line would be removed, so Tag Test would become #TagText.
    3. One does not need to input # when typing tags.
  5. Choose if one wants to insert note links
    1. One can select if one wants to insert one or multiple pre-defined note link(s) from a list.
    2. The selected note link(s) would be inserted into the note.
  6. Choose if one wants to insert clipboard content to the note
    1. The clipboard content would first show up in a pop-up window.
    2. If yes, then the clipboard content would be inserted as > Clipboard content.
  7. The newly created note would be opened automatically in Obsidian

For the shortcut above to work, no third-party apps or Obsidian plugins are required, and the Obsidian URI is used to create the new note. The syntax is like obsidian://new?vault=my%20vault&name=my%20note, as noted here: Using obsidian URI.

Also, all the text input (including the old clipboard content, if selected) would be copied to the new clipboard, in case of text loss that may be caused by shortcut running failure.

I find the insertion of note links very useful for organizing these (inbox) notes. For instance, I may select two note links like [[Inbox]] and [[Book]] for some (inbox) notes. Then I can use the plugin dataview to show all (inbox) notes that contains the link [[Book]] and/or [[Inbox]] when improving/organizing these notes on PC.

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