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To be clear, that’s v2, which relies on @argentum’s Natural Language Dates plugin to open/create daily notes (and therefore can use any templates you’re using, thanks to @liam’s interface).

Here’s a Showcuts link for v2, so you can see what it does if you’re not on iOS at the moment:

Version 1 does not require the plugin, but it is less robust—it does not handle templating and can’t create notes.

Version 1 is here:


Here’s a simple one to grab the current Safari page, copy it as a markdown link and open Obsidian. A building block for more complex workflows. For example, you could edit the URI to open a specific note.

Update: This shortcut seems to be causing a bug that makes the sharesheet unusable. No clue what the hell is going on there. Maybe don’t use until I can fix it?

Update 2: I believe I have solved the issue. Here’s the updated shortcut:


Another super simple Shortcut: Note Bookmark!

This shortcut takes your vault name and the name of a note that’s special to you and creates a quick way to open it. You can then add it to the home screen to have a one-tap bookmark to jump to your favourite notes.

Install it repeatedly to use it for multiple notes!


Thanks for starting the thread :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of a shortcut to do audio recordings on iOS and sync them to Obsidian?

I’m imagining the following workflow:

  • on mobile: command to start audio recording (e.g. triple tap on back of phone or simultaneously press volume down + lock key or do triple tap with headphones or Siri command or whatever)
  • re-use same command to stop audio recording
  • recording is saved to Google Drive or wherever the Obsidian Vault is synced to
  • on desktop later, one has a note that embeds a search for all audio files in Vault sorted from most recent to oldest
  • then: listen to audios, digest and further process ideas in them
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Shortcuts is sandboxed, so you can’t by default save it to the same file folder in an Obsidian vault every time. Still, if you don’t mind choosing where to save the recording each time, this is a start:

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Is there a url parameter to have nldates open the note in the active pane rather than split panes?

EDIT: answered my own question; there is not nldates-obsidian/main.ts at 11e47a446a72539c9ef89c06a5886e3850d0ace3 · argenos/nldates-obsidian · GitHub

I need to get a typescript dev env bootstrapped so I can make pull requests :slight_smile:

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Re the coding environment: it’s actually pretty simple. Clone the repo wherever, run npm i (to install packages for the repo), run npm run dev (for builds), then open it in VS Code.

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Thanks for the assist. add newPane parameter to obsidian URI by pmbauer · Pull Request #22 · argenos/nldates-obsidian · GitHub
Having the option to not split really helps on mobile.


FYI shared iOS shortcuts are currently pretty broken.


v2.1 of Open Note for Date (NLDates) uses @pmbauer’s added newPane parameter to always open the daily note in the same pane that was already open.

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I am not using it but I heard that using data jar you may store variables for shortcuts, some people using it for podcasting setup for example

Also, I imagine you could write your own widgets and scripts for iOS in JavaScript using Scriptable (I also don’t use it and don’t have access to Obsidian on mobile, so I don’t know how they could interact ), I could imagine that you could write a script that will show you a list of the last edited fils as a widget and allow you to open it in Obsidian

That’s a nice idea. It could also open today’s Daily Note.

This Obsidian URL shortcut worked the first time I tried it but it stopped working after that. I need to power cycle my iPad to get it working again. Latest public release of iOS on iPad Pro 9.7”. It shows up when I press share but nothing happens when I press it.

Wow yeah, using that shortcut seems to break the sharesheet completely for some reason…very weird!

@ddetton @shabegom
I think I made a version that’s more robust:


Ok so I believe the problem was it was using x-callback and that was waiting for a response and totally borking the share sheet. Here’s an updated that just uses the Open URL action:


Did you beat me to this! Gosh!!!

You did. You win. You win.

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