iOS Scrolling Problem with external mouse (both mobile app and publish)

I’m still experiencing the two-finger scroll issue after upgrading to the new 13-inch, M4 iPad Pro running iPadOS 17.5 and the new Magic Keyboard. The problem only seems to be getting worse. I used to happen to me after using Obsidian for some duration and would typically go away after switching to another note, and then switching back, or killing/reopening Obsidian. Now, it frequently happens immediately after launching Obsidian.

I do have to assume this is somehow an Apple issue as I also see the issue on one website in Safari (

That said, Apple clearly doesn’t seem interested in fixing the issue when users open standard tickets.

Is Obsidian able to open a ticket with Apple as a developer?


This is the post on Apple Support forums for anyone who wants to follow along. Although it doesn’t seem that Apple have any interest in fixing it. There are some reports of it impacting their own apps like Pages and Photos when accessed through iCloud. Pretty poor form.

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Does this issue occur in read mode or edit or both?

For me, this issue only happens when open a new tab regardless of which view you are on. After opening the file in a new tab, if two fingers make a small movement on the trackpad without lifting fingers from the trackpad, the page will not scroll; but if you do a large action, the screen will start to scroll the moment when when two fingers leave the trackpad because there is still “inertia” left. In addition, if you switch to another view at this time, the scrolling operation will completely return to normal, regardless of whether the finger leaves the trackpad or not. So my workaround now is to open a new tab, switch to another view and scroll, and then switch back, so that everything is normal.
I can send you a smal video via Discord.

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If anyone here is able to test snippets on their iPad, let me know if this helps:

html, body {
overflow: auto !important;
overscroll-behavior: none;

Please be aware this may have unintended consequences.

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It works. By applying this CSS snippet I can use my trackpad smoothly.

testing it today and it seems to be working fine with Magic Keyboard and its trackpad - for both the files navigation bar and content of a larger files

We included this fix in 1.6.4