[iOS] Obsidian and iOS/iPadOS Privacy controls

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How is Obsidian managing to bypass Privacy on iOS/iPadOs for permission to access Camera, Photo and Files?

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The privacy permission on iOS grants an app direct access to your photos directory, which isn’t something we need. Our app does not request (or make use of) any permission to look through your photos and files on your behalf.

We make use of a <input type="file">. This has the effect of triggering an out-of-app, native OS provided file picker, which grants us a one-time access to the file the user picks. Obsidian the app itself has no permission to look at arbitrary photos on your device, which is what the permission you’re describing entails.

I believe you are confusing this with some other apps, which might be specifically designed with an in-app file/photo picker so that the app can request for the permission to access your entire photos directory and then look through them in the future without you knowing. For example, Dropbox’s “automatically upload any new photos taken to Dropbox” feature, which would require such a permission.