iOS, No-plug-in Basic Mode for Quick Notes

On my iPad I don’t need many of the plug-in’s that are essential on my desktop. Now at 23k notes even the native indexing works fast enough, but plug-in related indexing takes a lot of resources.

Is there a way to open Obsidian on an IOS platform without any plug-ins?

I can then take a quick note, then give it attention on a desktop when I get back to the office. Sometimes it takes longer to load Obsidian than I can remember the note I wanted to capture.

On my desktop performance is fine.

I can open Obsidian, create a note, and then get back to the other work at hand. I have minimum plug-ins. However, essentials on the desktop like Graph Analysis, Omnisearch, and Text Extractor are slow on mobile.

What would be helpful is a way to turn off individual plug-in’s on mobile, or all plug-in as a option in quick opening Obsidian on a mobile device. Any thoughts?

Is this feature request or request for help? I am confused seeing this in feature request. I am gonna move it to help.

If you use Obsidian Sync you can turn off syncing of plugins and (separately) their settings, among other things in Settings > Sync.

Otherwise you can make a separate settings profile for mobile.

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Sorry, it’s a Feature Request. I thought that’s where I posted it this morning. I’d like a way to open Obsidian on my iPad without opening any plug-in’s so it’s as fast as Notes to capture ideas.

Never mind, it is help. I followed the link from @CawlinTeffid to setup a profile for my iPad. It doesn’t have any plug-ins installed. Everything opens up quick.

Not as fast as Note, but after the initial index and cache I’m able to start writing before I lose my train of thought. Very versatile. Also works with my scheme to sync via GitHub.

Glad it helped! I should also have mentioned that you can use any external app that can access the folder and save to .md, or something like Drafts (for which someone has made a custom action to save notes to Obsidian).

FWIW, Omnisearch now has a “disable on this device” option in the settings. Useful if you use an external syncing solution.

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