[iOS] Newly opened note from note switcher is heavily zoomed in

version iOS 0.0.3.
hardware: iphone X

  1. use the Note Switcher
  2. choose a note

the note opens but the entire app is zoomed in (need to pinch to unzoom).

This does not happen when choosing the same note from the explorer.

This does not happen on an ipad.

expected behavior:
Note opens without being zoomed in.

Obsidian Mobile also zooms in automatically when hiding the keyboard on iPadOS.

It also zooms in automatically when changing from portrait to landscape orientation (or vice versa).

This only happens when the user zoomed in once themselves in the app. When the app is killed and opened again, doing all the above only results in the zoom bug when the app was zoomed before with two fingers.

Should have been fixed in v0.0.11.