Ios line wrapping broken on existing files

Things I have tried

No plugins or extra code. Just plain version from the app store.
I haven’t seen any other reports of line wrapping issues on ios for this new update.

What I’m trying to do

On existing notes in the library, the editor width seems to go 16 pixels or so off the right edge of the viewport. Even worse, you can’t scroll to see the clipped text. So there are now entire words i can’t see in my notes, with no way to see them. All the new functionality is nice but this is a critical issue for a text editor…

On newly created notes since the recent update, line wrapping works normally.

Does this happen in the default theme with Settings > Community Plugins “Restricted mode” enabled?

Yes. It is still enabled.

Like i said, no third party code.

Wow, sorry, somehow that left my brain by the time I replied.

What version of iOS are you on? Does your phone have a smaller screen, like an SE?

Does the problem persist if you edit the problem notes?

No worries
Iphone 8. ios 14.8

Editing the old problem files does not resolve the issue

Subset of bug report “Cannot scroll in iOS app”, see also specific reproduction mechanism “iOS app: Long note titles make editor wider than screen, rendering app practically unusable”. Claimed will be fixed in v1.4.1


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