iOS keyboard always starts in dark mode (even if system is set to light mode)

The keyboard in the iOS Obsidian app is always in dark mode. I have difficulty reading in dark mode, and I see no way to turn this off. Why is this even turned on in the first place, since my system setting is light mode?

Does it stay in dark mode if you close the keyboard and reopen it?

I’ve noticed the last few Obsidian versions (iOS) occasionally show a “dark mode” keyboard, but as Cawlin suggested, closing the keyboard or restarting sorts it out for me.

I wasn’t sure if it was an Obsidian thing or an iOS 17 thing and forgot about it.

I’m wondering, every decent and modern keyboard app should give you options to configure size of your keyboard and size of the letters on your keyboard. dark mode or light mode doesn’t matter

will be fixed when mobile v1.5 is released

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