[iOS] Forum lags when scrolling

Steps to reproduce

Visit the forum
Scroll slowly up or down or fast up or down
It wiggles and is impossible to read.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide?


Expected result

Smooth scrolling

Actual result

Very jarring scrolling.


Safari iOS 17 beta 4.

Additional information

I uploaded it to the same album as the last issue I had. It is the 3rd video: iCloud Photo Sharing

I tested on Reddit and Reddit does not scroll like this. This forum is the only one that has this issue.

You start reporting this bugs to apple.

If it isn’t happening in other websites, is it really an issue apple can fix?

I’ll report it via the feedback app regardless I’m just curious.

If this happens in iOS beta and not before maybe it’s their problem.
That’s why We don’t take bug reports when they come from people running beta software.

Alright, reported to them. Hopefully it is fixed by September. I’ll mark this as solved and reopen if it isn’t when 17 is official.

We do not make the forum software. This is not something we are gonna be able to address.

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