Ios Files not showing up

Ipad pro

[x ] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.04

I want to use obsidian on my ipad. I do not have a mac. I am not interested in syncing. I am however interested in using icloud drive - so that if I get a new ipad I do not have to worry about losing my files etc. I can just install the app and open the vault.

I created a new vault. I clicked use icloud drive.
No issues. I made new entries added files.
I open the files app and see the Obsidian folder and I see my vault inside of that and I see my files inside of there. All good.

Well I use the app over the next week and things are fine. New entries are made and all is good inside the app.
But I go back to the files app and look at my vault and there are no NEW files that have been added.

I search for a file (entry) throughout my icloud drive - it is not there but it is in obsidian.

I created a new vault to test.
Added 1 entry and 1 folder.
It is not in the files app.

Any thoughts or help?