iOS daily note title bug leads to creating additional daily note with wrong DOY

I use the following date format for daily notes: YYYY-MM-DD - dddd - DDDD where DDDD indicates day of year (DOY)

When I select “open daily note on startup” in the daily note preferences, the daily note is created or opened on both my macs just fine. If I do it on my iPhone it creates a new daily note with the incorrect DDDD (it adds one to the number) regardless if one exists or not. If one exists, the iPhone then finds it and opens it as a delayed reaction. I then have to go into my daily notes folder and delete the incorrect one.

It appears to me that there are bugs lurking in the date string processing, with iOS using a different algo than the mac?

My workaround is to turn the “open daily note on startup” preference off.


  • Operating system: MacOS, iOS
  • Obsidian version: MacOS v0.12.12, iOS v1.0.4

Does the time on your iphone differ from the time on your mac?

Time zone bug?

Thanks for the suggestions. The issue seems to be between two Macs rather than with my iPhone. I have checked the timezone and time settings, but my MacBook Air seems to think the day of year is one more than the MacBook Pro, which has already created the daily note. So I end up with two daily notes with different titles. I’m stumped. Also, after the initial problem, and after I delete the wrong note, my MacBook Air goes to the right note from then on. So this whole error report is mis-titled, and I am still a little confused as to what is happening. -Ed

Have you tried disabling third-party plugins?

Same problem here. I have Obsidian in both Mac and iPhone, the two systems with the same location and language configuration, but the iPhone is creating the Daily notes with the day name in English (instead of Spanish, as shown in the Daily Notes configuration page).

screenshot 2021-08-19 at 08.38.@2x

I disabled 3rd party plug-ins on all my devices. tested. re-enabled 3rd party plug-ins. tested. I don’t seem to be able to provoke the problem now. But I am careful to only start the new daily note on my main laptop. I can then see and use it from my other devices. Could just be pilot error as a new user. Thanks.