iOS beta 15 + Working Copy sync = Obsidian folder disconnect

The following sync bug has rendered Obsidian iOS completely unusable for me.

Steps to reproduce

  • Have iOS 15 public beta running
  • Use Working Copy to do “Folder Sync”
  • Use normally for some random amount of time, then encounter disconnect issue (see below)

Expected result

Working Copy’s version of the Obsidian repo to be reflected within the Obsidian iOS app.

Actual result

Seemingly randomly, after hours or days of normal, bug-free use, the content in Obsidian will cease to reflect the data in Working Copy. Obsidian will no longer notice updates to the underlying git repository and will be “stuck” on a previous state.

For instance: I’ve created a new note on another machine and pushed to my git remote. Then pulled/synced in Working Copy and see the new note in the repo as expected, but the same note is not present in Obsidian.
If I delete the Obsidian vault and re-create it / re-connect to Working Copy, everything is fine again. …for a while.


  • Operating system: iOS public beta 15.0 (on iPad)
  • Obsidian version: 1.0.4

Additional information

  • I use folders and subfolders. Based on some emailing with the developer of Working Copy, it seems like it might have something to do with how iOS handles subfolders in synchronizing with the Files application?

I can’t pin down what exactly makes it happen. The excellent developer of Working Copy added me to the TestFlight version to help debug, but I’m starting to become more sure this is an Obsidian issue (or an iOS one).

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Does it fix if you force close Obsidian and restart it?

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