iOS app repeatedly freezes on iPhone and iPad

Since using Version 1.4.0 (74), the app freezes completely, is and has to be closed down and restarted. It’s happened repeatedly, e.g. text editing, searching. In safe mode. Never happened before in previous versions of app.

iPhone 7 (iOS 15.6.1); iPad 7th generation (15.6.1)


Use restricted mode and default theme. Restart Obsidian.
Post a screen of this happening in the above conditions.

Thank you, WhiteNoise…
Before I could get to that, there was an update to 1.4.0 (76), and the problem hasn’t recurred on either device. Let’s count this as resolved, and me as a happy bunny again.

Still happens to me as of the latest version of Obsidian on ipad Pro. Is related to the excalidraw plugin, but still the whole app shouldn’t crash.


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