iOS App crashes phone. I'm willing to pay for iOS version that works and keeps files on iCloud

I’m creating this post to give some feedback on the product.
I love Obsidian for MacOS. it’s an amazing product.
The reason I’m not paying for Obsidian Sync as that I keep sensitive information, like account credentials, in my Obsidian files. Apple iCloud is already part of my attack surface, so I want to keep all of my files on Apple iCloud.

I’m writing to express that I’d be willing to pay for the iOS app to make it more reliable. As it stands the iOS app is, for the last month, unusable on my iPhone 11. The app actually crashes my phone when I launch it. I delete the app, re-install it, and when I try to view my library the app crashes the entire phone, not just my app. It’s impressive actually - I’ve never seen an app reliably crash the whole phone.

This is untenable. I love Obsidian desktop so much I’ll wait a few months for the team to fix the problem, but if they don’t fix it I’ll have to switch back to Apple Notes or Bear or something that works on iOS and MacOS.

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There are at least a dozen forum threads with peeps sharing their woes and frustration that has nothing to do with Obsidian. Obsidian lets you use the service because there is a way to do that, not because it is effective.
Although there are people who successfully sync between Mac and iOS. One needs to learn how they succeeded and this is the forum to do it.

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