Invalid YAML

I’ve placed, at the beginning of a note, this block:

Título: 100 Days in Obsidian
Autores: Ton Zijlstra
Serie: I de 100 Days in Obsidian
Formatos: PDF
id: 20
Modificado: 01 ene 2021
Idiomas: Inglés
Tipo: Artículo

When viewing the note I get an “Invalid YAML” message.
Excuse my clumsiness but I need some idea how to avoid it

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Does this validator/linter tool help?


Thanks it´s ok
The problem was the asterisks of the format that YAML doesn’t accept

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I had the same issue. The problem was an additional “:” in the title of a book. I changed that to an “.” The main problem is in zotero. A “:” must be replaced with “.”

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