Invalid filename characters removed from heading links

Steps to reproduce

Create a heading with invalid filename characters and link to it.

Note Title: 2020-07-06

## 9:00 AM

Expected result

When I link to this heading I would expect [[2020-07-06#9:00 AM]]

Actual result

[[2020-07-06#9 00 AM]]


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.5

Additional information


If I have a section heading that includes a number with a period, e.g. β€œ1.1” then if I link to it, the linked note will have β€œ1 1” without the period.

See the image for the illustration.

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It also omits question marks β€œ?”

This is intended behaviour at the moment. We may make some adjustments in the future.

Bringing attention to this issue again because I think it’s more serious. I’m concerned this is going to break the ability to auto-update and rename heading links whenever that feature is implemented.

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It looks like we can edit the linked note once it has been created to include the periods, and that doing so does not break the link.

My research relies heavily on the period nomenclature…does it make sense to edit the new linked notes as I create them? And is this a way of future proofing my work against possible changes?

If we all do the edit trick - could that be accounted for in future adjustments so that we are not left with broken links?