Internal Reference Links

I have been trying to work out how to use reference links to link to internal pages. I came across the “Using Obsidian URI” in the help, and that seems to work:

[link text][1]
[1]: obsidian://open?

%2f is a forward slash

I have seen several posts on this topic, and thought I should share what I found.

Does anyone else already use this? I’d love to see some other examples of how this can be used.

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I’m not sure who or how to target this question to (I wouldn’t consider this to be a “feature”), but I think it would be helpful to have how to use reference links and internal reference links added to the “format your notes” page in the help if this is what the developers intended. Of course, I could have missed this in the help as I was looking at it.

Good suggestion. If you’re keen, users can actually suggest these kinds of changes themselves via the help docs’ GitHub repository:


I have recently just started using GIT, and am not yet familiar with GITHUB. I chose to create an issue with that suggestion, as I am not yet sure how else I could/should submit that.

Thanks for the lead.

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