Internal Links

Things I have tried

Following the instructions for ‘Internal Links’ here.

What I’m trying to do

Link from a string (almost always one or more words, which should appear as the link) to a Heading in the same document.

But I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to:

  • select/highlight the string to be linked FROM first
  • create the link ([ or [[) before I type the text to be linked FROM
  • use single [ or double [[ left square brackets… only?
  • leave a space between the bracket(s) and the leftmost character of the string to be linked from
  • something else?

Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. Are there perhaps known bugs here; I’m using 0.11.5 on macOS 11.2.3?

TIA to anyone who has a moment to point me to instructions for how to get this to work every time, please :slight_smile: .

I am assuming by in the same document, you mean you are linking to a heading within the note you are in. Not sure if this is the most efficient, but here is one option:

  • select the string
  • press ctrl x (cut)
  • type [[
  • begin typing note name and/or use down arrow to select it in autocomplete pop up
  • type #
  • select heading
  • press Enter
  • place cursor after last character of heading name within link created
  • type |
  • press ctrl v (paste)

Hope that helps. I am not at a computer to double check this, but am pretty sure it should be right or at least close.

You could also just link to the note heading then add the | (pipe) and string within link afterwards if you find that easier in cases where you don’t have the string yet.

Good luck.



Yes, that’s exactly what I mean, thanks so much, @I-d-as.

Your instructions do exactly what I want.

You have solved it for me - and I am very grateful!

It was the step that I have to remove the string from which I want to link which I was missing; I had worked out the # instead of Enter.

If this is something which users want to do often, I wonder whether there is a plugin or similar for it. As I say, I’m new to Obsidian, but learning rapidly!

Thanks again :slight_smile: .

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