Internal links - Some existing notes are not recognized

Things I have tried

  • Restart Obsidian
  • Google Search
  • Forum Search

What I’m trying to do

This is probably the most basic Obsidian function - create a link between two notes. The destination note exists (i.e. I am not creating an orphan link). In come cases the link recognizes that the destination note exists but in some cases it creates an orphan link that, when clicked, creates a second instance of an already existing note in my vault. The screen prints should make it easier to understand:

  1. Notes called “Productivity app idea” and “Headcount Reports” notes exist in my vault
    Screenshot 2022-09-09 111118
  2. I created a new note containing a link to both - one is “highlighted” (i.e. recognized as existing) while the other is “dim” (i.e. recognized as an orphan link)
    Screenshot 2022-09-09 111432
    What I cannot capture in the screen print is that the productivity app idea note shows up in the link popup as I was creating the link. Something in my vault “knows” that the file exists.
  3. When clicking on the productivity app idea link, a new file with the same name in the same folder is created
    Screenshot 2022-09-09 111735
    The top and bottom files have the same name, the top one contains text that I already wrote while the bottom one is a new, empty file.

I am going a bit mad so any help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Creating files with identical names in the same folder is not possible due to OS restrictions, so the names are not really identical.

From the look at your screenshots I would suppose, that the problem is the leading space (or some other whitespace character) in the existing file name.

I suppose, Obsidian trims leading and trailing spaces when following internal links, but the link preview is not affected by this behavior.

Sanity restored. Thank you.

I hope this inconsistent behavior when following and previewing internal links will soon be fixed.

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