Internal Links not creating new note in sub directory

I did post this in an older message as a reply, but the version was 0.8, so I decided to begin a new post.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create new Internal link referencing a Note in a sub directory.
  • Click Internal link to produce the new Note in the subdirectory.

Expected result

New file is created in sub directory.

Actual result

ENOENT error

  • Shows incorrect path in error message.
    Directory where file resides which contains the added Internal Link.
  • Path/VaultDirectory/ActiveProjects/TestProjectA
    Link created
  • [[Notes/_Index|Index]]
    Upon clicking Internal link the error dialog shows the following file path.
  • Path/VaultDirectory/Notes/
    Directory which I assume file would created in.
  • Path/VaultDirectory/ActiveProjects/TestProjectA/Notes/


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.1

Additional information

I have the latest version 0.10.1 and I am having the same issue. The tooltip says to Click to Create, but I get a ENOENT error. The odd thing is the error message displays the path and part of the path is missing. It shows “Path/VaultDirectory/Notes/”. The actual path should be Path/VaultDirectory/ActiveProjects/TestProjectA/Notes/ The file which contains the created Internal Link resides in the TestProjectA folder. My Link is defined as [[Notes/_Index|Index]]. I reviewed the settings and all looks good. What am I missing? Thanks.

there is no need. keep using that thread.

Yes Sir, Thank you. I am loving Obsidian.