Internal links inside metadata tags text array (property type: List) isn't rendered after clicking on the link

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create note “Testing links 1” with frontmatter like
- "[[Testing issue 2]]"
  1. Create note “Testing links 2” with frontmatter like
- "[[Testing issue 1]]"
  1. Inside note "Testing issue 1 " using Reading or Live Preview mode click on the link on the frotmatter “Testing issue 2”
  2. After switch link in “Testing issue 2” will be “Testing issue 2”, which is incorrect and can be validated using Source Mode

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

Bus is reproducible in the Sandbox Vault
bug links as (3.4 MB)

Yes, bug is reproducible using sandbox vault

Expected result

I expected seeing updated rendered view of the array on links

Actual result

I see that the link inside the note leads to the note itself


What is the point, sandbox vault is default

Additional information

Maybe I don’t understand what exactly solution means, but it’s not enough to link same problems and comment it as resolved, bug is still present and you didn’t specify the exact version where it was fixed

Please, do not mark it as solved, because it isn’t