Internal links in Mermaid

Use case or problem

Insert internal note as text of the mermiad node.

graph TD
    A[[Christmas]] --> C (Go shopping)
    C --> [[Laptop]]
    C --> [[Car#Heading1]]

The node texts (Chrismas, Laptop, Car#Heading1)should be formatted as internal link, also when hovering on this text the note should pop-up as usal.

Proposed solution


Current workaround (optional)

There is no workaround.

This does exist since 0.9.13:

An example for that can be found here: Obsidian Links in Mermaid

I’ve just tried this, and found that isn’t working for me? Clicking on the diagram does nothing. I’ve also found this Obsidian goes to blank page (about:blank) when clicking a non-valid URL recently

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It seems that this hasn’t been working for a little while? Hassle free linking in mermaid graphs

This is hack not feature.


it should work with simple obsidian syntax with autosuggestion dropdown like usual…


Otherwise there is no point to create these mermaid diagrams as it takes ages to link…

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@ShaneNZ Yep, this should be fixed in the next insider’s release.

@den There are limitations because of the symbols accepted in mermaid’s syntax, the next insider’s release will probably help with this, but it’s not possible to trigger autocomplete if mermaid doesn’t accept [[]]. Feel free to open a feature request over at the mermaid for that.

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Starting from 0.9.21, the format for using internal links in mermaid diagrams will be this:

graph LR
A[Note Name] --> B 

class A internal-link;
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@WhiteNoise I have opened new bug reports: