Internal links in a nested table

I need a nested table. Something that looks like this:

1 IV > 1 IV
2 groups >2 groups
DV 1 DV continious [[Independent sample t-test]] [[One-way ANOVA]] [[Two-way ANOVA]]
>1 DV continious [One-way MANOVA] [[Two-way MANOVA]]

Within the table I would like to create internal links, but when I type the [[ ]], the link is not created.

How can I fix this?

I’m not sure what you mean by “nested table”, but markdown tables can only have one line of content in the “cells”.

The table I have shown is an example of a nested table. I noticed that it’s not possible for markdown, but I noticed that obsidian allowed to have it coded in HTML code (which does allow nested tables). However, is it possible to link to parts in markdown within HTML code?