Internal links are displayed differently than before and I don't know why

Hi everyone,

I love obsidian, use it for about two years now. I was fiddling around these days, with the new properties and other stuff. Something went wrong and I am not able to solve it for myself.

What is it?

The internal links are displayed differently than before and I don’t know why.

Just for example I habe a note called “Christmas2023” in the folder “2023/events”.

If I want to link to this note I type “[[”, choose the not “Christsmas2023”, hit enter and boom, the internal link ist created.

In Reading view this link appears as “Christmas2023”. This is the expected behavior an (my) favorite representation of the link to the specific note.

My problem: In my vault, the links is shown with its full path, that is “2023/events/Christmas2023” (in Reading view of cource).

Spent hours to solve this without success (updates, save mode, disabling plugins etc.) This is driving me nuts. Am I missing something?

Thanks a lot for any help!


Can you check this New link format setting here?

Maybe it got accidentally set to Absolute path in vault? Just a guess… :thinking:

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