Internal Link extra attributes

I’ve submitted a plugin to include frontmatter attributes of a note as extra attributes of the internal-links that link to this note.

very useful to customize the internal-links elements with css

You can test it by downloading the source from the repository GitHub - mdelobelle/obsidian_supercharged_links: obsidian plugin to add attributes to internal links


When I’m seeing this plugin can give a backlink to the background , an icon , and category.

The idea is comming. It looks like give a highlight text to an icon and category.
You know the highlight text have the background , but the highlight text can’t be with an icon and can’t be categorized.

So, if there’s a way that convert highlight text to the backlink with highlight link folder.

and then use this plugin for categorize highlight link with icon.

That’s really really wonderful.

Appreciate your plugin.