Internal Browser

I have looked and may have missed this feature, but is there a way to use a browser internal to Obsidian (i.e. open links in a browser pane) rather than an external browser?

(Mindmanager is another tool I use which has an internal browser pane which helps keep continuity within the one app).

Thank you.

Yep, I’ve been hankering for the same, a more integrated view of reference materials located outside the vault. Obsidian does have iframe capabilities, but there is so much more to a browser implementation than merely displaying a fixed page. Our default browser is likely to be full screen with menus and tabs, which is why I use a second browser, the highly customizable Vivaldi, for pop-up views from Obsidian, mediated via an AutoHotkey script.

I’d love to be able to embed a Vivaldi window (and for other file types the Windows app QuickLook) within an Obsidian pane.

Thanks for the comfirmation. You are right, the ability to embed a window (rather than just an iframe) would be excellent.