Intermittent Error when opening Obsidian vault

What I’m trying to do

I’m just opening a vault. sometimes I get the following error

Things I have tried

I updated the installer to v1.4.12. I’m currently running 1.4.13. I’m not sure what the error message means.

The exact sequence of events was:

  1. I opened obsidian and it attempted to open vault 1. I got the error above
  2. After several attempts, I finally chose open another vault and choose vault 2
  3. Vault 2 opens fine
  4. I clicked the “Open another vault” and attempted to open vault 1.
  5. Vault 1 seemed to open fine

I just saw that there is a new installer for 1.4.13. I’ve installed that. Maybe that fixes the problem?

It happened to me too a few days ago. Maybe 3 times.
Just reloaded without thinking I need to get a cuppa.

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