Interest in plugin to mimic Mem X functionality?

I’m thinking about creating a plugin that adds the similar-note-finding, semantic-search, and intelligent-tagging that Mem X is developing to Obsidian and I’d like to get an idea of how much interest there would be. It looks like there were two posts on the topic last year: AI Powered Obsidian and AI-assisted google-like search.

I love Obsidian. I’m a machine-learning engineer with NLP experience and lately I’ve been learning about semantic search. It would be exciting to use it on a real project.

Do people think there would be broad interest in such a plugin?


Totally interested!

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Yes I would be very interested!

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Do people think there would be broad interest in such a plugin?

I’m sure it’d be very popular!

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That’s very nice to hear! I’ll continue to research and see what I can come up with.


I would definitely be interested in this, and I think many others also would be interested even if they don’t know it yet :laughing:

Not many people dream of their applications being able to understand their thoughts in natural language, but when it’s done well, it feels wrong to not have it anymore.

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Hell yeah!

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Definitely would love this. Considering switching to mem just for this but really want to keep my data locally.

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Great idea!

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Hey @DallanQ did you get enough interest in this to start working? Now that i’ve started playing with ChatGPT I can’t stop thinking of the potential of having something even half as powerful if it could link with my Obsidian Vault.

Also, you may have heard of / tried [Dual] ( How does that compare to what you had in mind?

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I just released the Smart Connections plugin [1], which is inspired by Mem X.

It uses Open AI to find similar notes.

Plus, in addition to matching full notes, Smart Connections also finds similar sub-sections of notes.

I was impressed when it managed to find a relevant sub-section, buried deep in an archive with 10K+ words, from years ago!

I hope you all find it similarly useful :slight_smile:

[1] GitHub - brianpetro/obsidian-smart-connections


The demo looks great. Really good idea! On about a monthly basis I type out an idea only to stop halfway through to search whether I’m just rehashing an old note. So, definitely need this! Both then, and all the other times I’m missing helpful context relying on Dumb Connections :brain:

I see you updated the plugin recently - could that be why it doesn’t appear in Community Plugins right now on MacOS?

@zyx It was just released to the community index 14 days ago. So it should be there now if you check.

Additionally, I’m working on a pretty big development. Anyone interested in contributing their ideas on which additional platforms Smart Connections should connect with can do so here: FR: External Integration: Connect Your Content Across Platforms (blog, email, social media, etc.) · Issue #27 · brianpetro/obsidian-smart-connections · GitHub

I recently released Khoj for Obsidian. It enables semantic-search and find-similar-notes for Obsidian. Your notes stay private as all search and indexing is done locally on your machine. And the search is incremental, so you get a search as you type experience.

Hopefully that provides some of the Mem X type functionality folks were interested in using from within Obsidian?

See my announcement post for more details about Khoj