Integrated text expander

So I know that a lot of us are using text expanders to augment our use of Obsidian and other apps, but I wonder about the benefits of an integrated text expander.

  • Portability across devices and operating systems (once there is an Obsidian mobile app)
  • Integration with other Obsidian plugins and features. An example would be inputting a date in the format you’ve chosen in the Daily Notes plugin to facilitate linking.

And perhaps this isn’t one plugin, but several plugins with specific use cases: inputting datetimes, metadata, templating, etc.


+1 . Currently using an obsidian Vault as a database of text templates, so this would be amazingly useful!

I believe this is a case where Obsidian would be better off pushing on its unique features rather than diverting energy to integrating things that can already be found in existing, compatible tools.


That’s why this is a plugin and not a core feature. And I think certain text-expansion features would enhance Obsidian, such as consistent metadata formatting that is then consumed by other plugins. Specifically, a date-picker that uses the date format from the Daily Notes plugin.


There are many things an integrated text expander can do. Better than an AutoHotKey or an Espanso.

+1 for a plugin for template-based shortcut-triggered text expansion á la Espanso.

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It’s a good idea but I don’t know if I’m going to use it, I already use PhraseExpress and I can do almost anything with it.

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Integrated TE will be a great feature, but probably not the most needed right now. I personally use aText, that does all I need at the moment; When the mobile version of Obsidian comes out - then it will be a really good one to have, if TE works cross-platforms.

The general advantage of text expanders is that they work in all programs.

An integrated expander would be good for those who only write in Obsidian, but few advantages otherwise.

I’ve not checked iOS, but Android expanders aren’t great and you always have to be concerned about permissions and security with unknown vendors. Typing Hero is the only one I’ve found that seems OK; quite a few try to circumvent Google’s revised security.

I’m still on the fence myself. I used to have Espanso running but I didn’t use it often enough. I used to have the templates plugin on but not anymore.

I made a small proof-of-concept plugin for Obsidian and am currently testing out if built-in and in-text expansion has merit over the templates plugin and other expanders.

I don’t know yet!




Currently limited to 2 keywords (to start testing)


Anyways, if you want to test yourself, here’s the plugin

Let me know what you think!


thanks for the starter idea. I have been using Expanso and making little bash and php scripts to make templates. But would like some of the variables to be available in obsidian, so will give your plugin a try.

This is a good idea. I think the point people are missing here is that, in my opinion, the way obsidian is designed, its better to have everything integrated into Obsidian. That way you can use everything on any device without having to rely on external tools like Phrase Express. The tools that you use should all be apart of the application. Its been my experience that this way is more portable.