Instance canvas group within another canvas

Use case or problem

In order to make my canvases more helpful and less mysterious to my future self, I often silo brainstorms for a project within certain categorical bounds that I contain to a single canvas. If a new idea is more relevant to another canvas realm I already have created, it belongs there. However, there are times that I want to create more than just a single note connection to another canvas. In these cases, I would like to have a intermediate group that I can canvas within, that exists in two or more canvases (but definitely at least two).

Proposed solution

Allow for instancing of canvas groups between canvases. You would be able to copy a group, and then, in another canvas, use a β€œPaste Instanced” command. After doing this, you can add and modify nodes within this group, from both canvases.

Current workaround

It isn’t a workaround, but my workflow currently involves having a certain note embedded within two or more canvases, that I place in a group of a certain color and name. I then, have nodes surrounding that node within each canvas, that have content that relates to the intermediate idea in the context of that specific canvas category. As ideas are shored up, I implement them as bulleted lists within a heading named after the canvas from which it came. This solution is okay, but it would be infinitely better to have these sweet portals that transport your ideas into the future. :smile:

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