Inspiration for features from Diarly app

Can we copy all features from this software and implement it in daily note plugin?

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The calendar view would change things for the better!
So would WYSIWYG

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Here’s a direct link to the app’s website for others’ convenience:

Sadly it doesn’t look like it stores files on the file system directly, else you would be able to use Obsidian files inside Diarly.

Some of its features remind me of NotePlan, which I have been using as a companion app for Obsidian, especially on iOS/iPadOS.

What features, specifically, do you want added?

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Just the calendar feature and navigation buttons on the top. I think obsidian may treat daily notes even more special then now, with some UI differences in main top bar.

Wau the MOVE TO TOMOROW for tasklist in Noteplan :boom: looks interesting!