Insider builds

I read with interest the announcements of new features and bug fixes for the Insider builds (the current one is v0.12.17).

Here are my questions now:

  1. is there a forecast when the respective Insider builds (e.g. v0.12.17) will be released to the normal users?
  2. is there a possibility to download and install the Insider builds (at own risk)?

Many greetings

Usually 1-2 weeks, but the real question is if it’s stable enough, not how long it would take.

You mean without becoming an Insider? In that case unfortunately no.

Thanks for your reply,

Ok, can it then be downloaded from the Obsidian-Page?

Not directly. Install Obsidian as normal, and to access insider builds, go to Settings => Account, and log in with the password you used on the Obsidian site. Then go to Settings => About, and turn on Insider Builds there.

Note: if your installer version is lower than 0.6.4, insider build auto-updating won’t work. Please use a newer installer to reinstall (you can download from our official website). You can check your installer version in Settings => About.


No longer broken

  • Removed hardcoded navigation shortcuts Alt+Left/Right.

Does it mean you killed the soul of the fast navigation?
I hope I just misunderstood the announcement!!
Pls let somebody calms me!


It’s no longer hardcoded means you can customize it to something else but you don’t have to.

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