Inserting data from health apps in notes


I’m newbish to Obsidian, and I’m currently trying to create a comprehensive daily note for myself.

I’m interesting in creating a dashboard which can display data from a fair share of health apps, as well as collecting long term statistics to analyze, but I’m struggling to find any solutions to importing the data to Obsidian.

The apps I use

  • Oura (I found the plugin for this but I’m unable to load the current date, only previous dates)
  • Strava for running
  • Jefit for weightlifting
  • Myfitnesspal for logging calories and nutrition
  • Zepp life (preivously Mi fit) for weight and bodyfat (this is connected to a smart weight)

To manage this on my phone I also use

  • Google fit
  • Samsung health
  • Health sync

Feel free to suggest solutions to how I can incorporate data from these apps. Being able to input data to Myfitnesspal and Jefit would also be cool.

If you know any alternate apps that can serve the same purpose as the ones mentioned above I’d really appreciate the suggestions!