Insert Template function not working as of 0.10.13

Steps to reproduce

Use the ‘Insert Template’ function

Expected result

Template is inserted if there is only one in the folder otherwise the search bar appears

Actual result

Even though there is only one template in the folder, the search bar appears and does not show the template, even if I type the exact name.


  • Operating system: Linux Mint 20 (AppImage version of Obsidian)
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.13

Additional information

The Insert Template feature used to work as expected as of version 0.10.11 but since 0.10.13 even though there is only one template in the folder, Obsidian seems unable to find it. The template did not change and I’ve tried disabling the template plugin but it did not change anything. Also the template folder in the plugin options is the correct one.

I can’t repro

do you have third party plugins installed?

No I don’t have any third party plugins installed and the only core plugin activated is the template plugin.

post a screen recording

Here is a recording

can you autoselect the right folder in the template plugins, what is the extention of frontmatter file?
how does it look that file in obsidians explorer and in obsidian?

Thanks, I fixed the problem by just adding ‘.md’ at the end of the file. I don’t know what changed, it used to work without the .md extension before.