"Insert Quote" Popup using Templater or Similar

What I’m trying to do


I mostly use obsidian to take notes and quotations from reading material, using the markdown block quote and then writing the page number followed by the quotation in quotation marks. So each time I quote something, I write out:

p.100 “Quote


pp.100-120 “Quote

Whilst it’s fairly straight forward to write out, I’m interested in playing around with setting up a shortcut (say ctrl+q or something similar) which would run a script whereby a popup prompts the page number, a second popup prompts the quote contents, and then it formats it with the block quote symbol, page number and puts the quote into the quotation marks.

I’m not a coder and have essentially no coding knowledge, but I do know popups for inputs are one of the most basic javascript functions, and I know Templater can execute javascript scripts.

Can anyone shed light on if this would be fairly easy to do? Or should I avoid it since it’d be too much of a headache just to make quotes a little more efficient to write out? Moreover, would Templater be the right plugin for this, or is it possible within stock Obsidian? Would setting up a shortcut to execute a bit of script be possible?

Any advice and help would be appreciated. At this point I’m just looking to see if it’s possible/simple enough in order to then go on to learn the bit of Java I’d need in order to do it.


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