Insert markdown link button doesn’t work

Things I have tried

When I use the “insert markdown link” button to insert a markdown link in a note it doesn’t function as assume it should. The lost of files to link to is not presented and the file name is not put in the parens.

When I start with “[[“ I get a proper link, but “[[“ is two levels down on my virtual keyboard.

What I’m trying to do

Not a terrible big deal but the button would be slightly more convenient.

If you have Settings > Files & Links > “Use wikilinks” turned off, you can use the wikilink button for autocomplete suggestions and the links will convert to Markdown when you’re done.

(The order of your buttons may differ because I’ve rearranged mine.)

You could contemplate on doing a template just to insert the “[[” to get you started, and assign that to a hotkey which is more easily accessible, possibly?

Thanks, I’ll check that out.

Thanks. Sounds like that would work. As a newcomer I haven’t seen a need for templates yet, and so haven’t gotten into creating templates. But I’ll keep it in mind other work arounds don’t work.

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