Insert File plugin

the other day, I was using MarkDownload in my browser to download a file, which I then would have liked to just insert into the current note. I couldn’t open it in Obsidian, since it wasn’t in my vault, it was in my Downloads folder.

So, I found the need for a plugin that would insert file contents (open system file browser to select file) into the current Note.

This seems like a pretty simple plugin, but before I start, I wanted to make sure it doesn’t exist already, before I write it.

Anyone know of anything that does this? I know Ican open the file in an editor and copy/paste but a hotkey to insert file would be so much easier.

You can already do it with drag&drop: drag your file to file explorer (the left sidebar in Obsidian). The limitation in Obsidian is that you have to drag your file directly to the title of your vault in the left sidebar or to any folder title. You cannot drag&drop to empty space in left sidebar. I think they could change that: make drag&drop to the left sidebar target the appropriate folder. Drag&drop to empty space of the left sidebar should perform import to root vault.

On mac Downloads folder is pinned to dock so it’s easy to perform drag&drop to any application. On Windows there is no built-in way to have small folder pop-up from taskbar, so optimally you should use two monitor setup in Windows to perform easy drag&drop.

There is also action related to drag&dropping files into note: it will import the file to root and then creates link to it. You can easily change link to embed by adding !. Ctrl + c/v is treated equivalently as drag&drop.

To have custom action that uses clipboard, you can use Templater and tp.system.clipboard() + javascript.